First famous woman writer (Ban Gu) 1st c. A.D.
Art criticism and theory 4th–6th c. A.D.
Histories of art 9th c.
Art collecting as a specialist enterprise 8th c. A.D.
Action painting 9th c. A.D.
Vernacular language movement in literature 9th c. A.D.
Bohemian artist ideal (drunken painting with dish towels, hands, feet etc.) 9th c. A.D.
Open art market (dealers, galleries, brokers, etc.) 11th c. A.D.
Natural-looking as opposed to the formal garden. 9th c. A.D.
Anti-court, anti-naturalistic, expressive theories of art Late 11th c.
Theory that good art can be ugly 11th c.
Vulgar/disgusting subjects treated in literature 11th c.
Originality becomes an important criterion of critical writing 11th c.
Art for its own sake 10th c.
State-sponsored painting academy 1104 A.D.
The notion that abstract forms can convey emotions. 11th c.
Printed painting manuals. 11th c.
Women artists recognized in formal writings on art. 12th c.
First major woman poet. 12th c.
First published catalogues of art collections 12th c.
First major woman artist. 14th c.
Collectors promote and collect contemporary artists. 16th c.
First illustrated painting manuals for amateurs. 17th c.
First art historical chapter devoted to women artists. 17th c.
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