Index of Case Studies

CASE 1: by Martin Powers (University of Michigan)

Women and Art in Thirteenth-Century China

Imagine yourself as an educated woman in thirteenth-century China. You are proud of your accomplishments as an artist.

CASE 2: by Yi-Li Wu (Albion College)

Medicine and Childbirth

Imagine living in China during the eighteenth century and your sister is pregnant and about to give birth. What kind of information would you seek to help ensure the safe delivery of the baby?

CASE 3: by Richard Strassberg (University of California, Los Angeles)

Culture and International Relations in the Eighteenth Century

Now think back to the eighteenth century, when international news was in its infancy, but when there were no international newspapers.

CASE 4: by Lydia Liu (Columbia University)

China and International Law in the Nineteenth Century

Imagine the French government demanded that the United States not use the word “alien” with respect to the French government or any French citizen?

CASE 5: by Mu-Chou Poo (Academia Sinica, Taipei)

Popular Belief in Ancient China

During the third century BC, what would help you determine whether a certain day were auspicious or inauspicious to do certain things, such as getting married, building a house, or harvesting the field?

CASE 6: by Joseph Lam (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Pipa as a Window on Chinese Music


CASE 7: by Thomas Buoye (University of Tulsa)

Homicide and the Law in the 18th c. in China

Imagine that you have been appointed to administer a district in eighteenth-century China. Your responsibilities include the fiscal, social welfare, security, educational, and judicial affairs of your district.

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